BEST WISHES TO JORGE, TODAY IS BERGOGLIO NAME DAY Saint George was an important martyr, but he is particularly known for his legend

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Today Pope Jorge Bergoglio celebrates his name day: Saint George, who is considered a prophet by Muslims too. There are no certain news about his life, but he should be from Cappadocia, born around 275-285 in a Christian family who brought him up according to religious morals. Later on, George became a soldier, showing his physical abilities, particularly in fights. He was so good that Diocletian wanted him as his personal guard. Although he had a military carrier, he never abandoned his faith, which led him to martyrdom. Saint George decided to make his faith public putting himself in a tiny spot since the Emperor was one of the biggest oppose of Christianity.

Today Saint George is the protector of many cities and countries throughout the world, but he is also the protector of archers, knights, soldiers, halberdiers and gunsmiths, but also scout around the world, because of the legend aboutn his life. The myth narrates that in a city named Selem, in Libya, there was a huge pond, so big that a dragon could fit in. this dragon would wander through the city and kill people it met. In order to calm it, inhabitants would feed the dragon with two sheep every day. Nevertheless, they started running out of sheep; therefore, they started giving the dragon a sheep and a young boy or girl. One day the young daughter of the king was raffled off, Princess Silene. The king offered half his reign and half his money to find someone to take her place, the population rose up and the princess was forced to go to the dragon. But a young knight named George, as soon as he heard the news took his lance and decided to serve the country. He said to the population “God sent me to free you from the dragon: if you embrace faith in Christ and receive the baptism I will kill the dragon”. Hence, everyone converted and the brave knight killed the dragon and freed the town.

Hence, we renew our best wishes to the Holy Father who is named after an important saint, a martyr endowed with bravery and service, unshakable faith in the Lord and desire for evangelization as a mean of salvation.

Translation provided by Mary Ann D’Costa

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