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The first obstacle was overcome. The Constitutional Affairs Committee of the Chamber voted unanimously to give mandate to the rapporteurs present in the courtroom the electoral law called Italicum. In the Committee, of course, there were only representatives of the majority. Therefore Renzi’s Democratic Party, is preparing to vote in the bill itself, designed in the image and likeness of the Premie, as well as Party Secretary, Mr.Matteo Renzi. The haste with which the entire procedure is being done on the part of the tenant of Palazzo Chigi, can only arouse more than a suspiscion obviously, especially if this frantic race takes place at a time when the country, alongwith Europe, is having to cope with the drama of immigration.

The question is , is the election law such a priority that it deserves the party splitting and disorientating the country? According to the Premier’s logic, evidently it must be so. As many observers have pointed out, this frenzy over the Italicum (as the election law is called) can only be explained by the desire of the Premier to adopt the extreme instrument of blackmailing (i.e. political)-in respect of the inner Democratic party minority and what is left of the opposition. Once the election law has been passed, Mr Mateo Renzi can brandish as and when he deems right, the cudgel of calling for elections in advance. He, is ready for the polls, but the others, are they ready too?

The sensation is that those who are really afraid are the ones who donot lose the opportunity to emphasise totalitarian traits of the Premier. There is no doubt about that. But this being his historical moment, Renzi has decided to play his cards his own way and plan, whatever the cost may be. “We feel quite assured. The majority was compact during the Commission meeting and it will also be in the chamber, “says Minister Maria Elena Boschi who, asked if the Government has the sufficient voting numbers to approve the election law. “Forza Italia had already voted in the bill in the Senate”. In fact, it already had.

“We cannot permit Renzi to totally take over just with 30% of the votes with a law, which in fact with a barrage of 3% would disperse the opposition,” said Silvio Berlusconi, tracing Forza Italia’s route with respect to the election law that will be voted on in the Chamber at Montecitorio, “we had proposed a direct election, at least whoever would win is legitimized by the people and there would only be two parties”. Obviously something has changed on the part of the Azzurri. And Renzi’s craving to have the election law in his hands is also offspring of the new (or old?) imposed by the Cavaliere on the party. Once the Italicum has been approved, Renzi can really ‘settle his accounts with everyone.’

Briefly recapping the main mechanism of the law, developed by the Democratic party of Renzi, it should be noted that the ‘New Centre Right’ (NCD) of Angelino Alfano, not wanting to die out before having settled things, had asked and obtained that the Italicum enter into force by 2016. The majority, then, that obtains more than 40% of the vote will be enlisted, otherwise a runoff between the two most voted parties if noone exceeds the threshold. Finally the 3% threshold and blocked party candidates heading the list. If members are going to confirm the text laid down by the Commission without any modification, this will become law and it will only be valid for the Chamber and be enforced in July 2016, by the time it is thought that once having approved the reform, the Senate will no longer be elective.

In short, once all obstacles have been overcome, Renzi will have on his hands a parliamentary framework which will be much more flexible, capable of responding adequately to his requirements, as Silvio Berlusconi puts it, he defines Matteo Renzi as being “a bulimic sufferer of power”. Probably and most likely is. But why discover it only now? At the time of the Nazarene Pact with which Renzi wash e dealing with? “This government has failed on everything: the economy, foreign policy, immigration and unemployment. We were right about it all “. Acceptable, but not acceptable to Forza Italia that has long been the best ally of the Premier. The Italicum, Berlusconi added: “is an act of authoratitive imposition, which hands power over to Renzi. We’re not going to vote it in.”
Other possibilities. But the real question remains one only: are the Italians really going to be willing to vote for Renzi? With or without the Italicum many people will want to test this through the ballot box.

Translation provided by Marina Stronati

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