The last ethnic slaughter

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donaldo-150x150What we are witnessing is a true biblical exodus. The total numbers of people that have drowned are shocking, more than 700 dead only yesterday, but they seem to be only figures without a name and without a face or knowing anything about their lives. The despair of those who are mostly young and often accompanied by children is growing and for the moment there appears to be no commitment from the international community. Maybe someone wants this form of ethnic cleansing, knowing that in just over twenty years, the African continent will have over 3 billion inhabitants. Perhpas the life of our brothers is still considered second-class and can afford to neglect the relief efforts The difference in the treatment of the media of one dead European that makes more sensation rather than a hundred Africans, makes one wonder where the racist mentality has truly been rid of or not.

On the other hand, it is a fact that the African continent still remains in the eyes of the world a reserve-tank to exploit: slaves centuries ago today are the slaves of today under new modalities-and left free to die.
The latest drama at sea is an unprecedented catastrophe, it is a shame for us all as we are all accomplices. Europe is oblivious to the largest cemetery in the world: the Mediterranean. Everything is well planned on this lousy market, trafficking in me and women who pay to various gangs betting to survive. It’Is the only way for them to be tortured, to get onto those boats of despair.

There appears to be frightening ranging interests behind it all, that need to be brought to light, and it must be also said why it is that the International major powers, so anxious on other occassions to send their armed forces, this time they are refusing to mobilitate them. What’s behind this passive attitude and incisive behaviour of the west?

But why do they still pretend not to know what lies behind these trafficking boats of despair? Why is the international mafia not mentioned? Why waste resources that could be invested in contrast to stop this painful disaster?

Supranational organisations must take rapid action using both diplomatic arms as well as more incisive peace-keeping operation forces in order to be able to put an end to this shameful woe.

And then, even the logic of those who fear that aid and reception could encourage a further exodus of these poor people, is incomprehensible and inhumane: to look after one’s cause during the elections to be held in Italy, at the expense of the unfortunate and to think that the lack of interest behind can solve an issue that is so complex. Whoever talks about ‘rejecting’, of course uses only expressions without any content, because how it i sit possible to stop those who have already embarked or prevent them from doing so if they hav e been first tortured to get onto thos boats?

We are faced with a savagery that weighs on the conscience of all mankind. Behind each of these martyrs, there is the face of a crucified God who wants to know what we did to our brothers and sisters.

Translation provided by Marina Stronati

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