IRAQ: ARMY OFFENSIVE TO CONQUER RAMADI BACK FROM THE CALIPHATE The operation was carried out following the bloodbath in the city Friday night. Granafor al-Abadi, spokesman resigns for having praised Saddam

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The struggle to conquer Ramadi back is incessant. Lost an opportunity to take Tikrit. The Islamic State launched a vast offensive on the city. Conquering it would mean weakening the already fragile national government which is trying to rebuild the country from the rubbles of war and fundamentalist attacks. Yesterday the regular army launched ground operations to halt the advance of the Caliphate in Anbar province. The Iraqi forces are flanked by Shiite militia “unit of popular mobilization.” But Al Baghdadi men aren’t willing to abandon the invasion whihc began last week. Victory after victory, the jihadists are always penetrating deeper into the territory and now are preparing to launch their decisive blow.

In a kamikaze attack between Friday and Saturday, 8 Iraqi security agents lot their lives. In the attack, the Generalo of the Iraqi security forces Numan at Zubadei is supposed tohave been wounded . This has been a retaliation of the Isis against the conquest of the city by the army again, that had been announced by Governor Mahdi Saleh Naumann. Interviewed by Iraqi daily “Iraq News”, Naumann had pointed out that the reinforcements include several thousand men from the regular forces and members of the forces of Shiite popular mobilization.

Meanwhile, there are also tensions on the political front in Iraq. Yesterday RafidJaboori, premier spokesman Haider al-Abadi, has resigned after having distributed a video where he was allegedly praising the former dictator Saddam Hussein. The video actually dates back to about 15 years ago, but Jaboori anyhow deemed it necessary to resign in order “not to embarrass the premier’s Office”, as he himself wrote on his Facebook profile. In the video posted on the Web, the former spokeswoman for Abadi performs a song describing Saddam as “the sword of Justice against evil”. “Your enemies, o Saddam, all fall down while you still remain,” reads the song which Jaboori explains of having sung because he was “young and inexperienced” and had never joined the Baath Party of Saddam.

Translation provided by Marina Stronati

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