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The long race to the White House is paved with good intentions however at times … some faux pas Like the recent one just taken by the head in a long series of…– guess the one and only – Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. The former first lady, in an attempt to get the sympathy (and votes) of the millions of immigrants and second-generation Americans, made a real “blunder” on her origins. During a meeting with small business owners in Monticello, Iowa, she stated and I quote that “All my grandparents came from abroad”.

Maybe the Senator is not proficient in maths given the fact that, for “all my grandparents” – who logically should be 4 – she really meant just one. Evidence of the misunderstanding – certainly “unintentional” – were documented from Buzz Feed that, taken by the British newspaper the Daily Mail, has published photocopies of the birth certificates of the former Secretary of State’s grandparents

Personal documents in hand, it was discovered that both her maternal grandparents, Delia and Edwin Howell, were born in Illinois. And two paternal grandparents, only Hugh Rodman Senior was an immigrant. The wife, and grandmother of Hillary Rodhan, Hanna Jones, was born in Pennsylvania.

The staff of the potential first woman President of the United States, when asked, had to acknowledge the authenticity of the facts. “While her grandfather was an immigrant, it appears that Hillary’s grandmother was born soon after the arrival of her parents in the Usa, in the early years of the 1880’s”, they tried to explain. If the Democratic candidate should continue with these “inaccuracies”, her chances of getting to the highest position in America, would be practically….zero!

Translation provided by Marina Stronati

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