REFORMS, THE PREMIER OPENS UP TO AN ELECTED SENATE: “IT CAN BE DONE” Renzi’s version in an interview to ‘ Repubblica’: "It was Errani who propsed the change of functions at Palazzo Madama"

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Matteo Renzi opens up to constitutional reforms. The premier, in an interview to Repubblica, has confirmed he is willing to go back to an elected senate. That’s right, the heart of ddl Boschi, which would really change the nature of Palazzo Madama, transforming it into a territorial autonomous Chamber, could be done away with. “It’s alright for me, it can be done” has said the head of government, adding that he had agreed at first on an elected senate. It had been Errani, at least, a close colleague of Pierluigi, to have said no. After that, as for me, we canee go ahead with the change. For me it’s more than alright. I don’t really think ti’s a crucial issue. The important thing is that we do away with the perfect bicameral legislature”.

A lending ear to the minority in the Democratic party who broke away following their dissent on the Italicum even though , going back to the impassioned uproar during the Democratic Party’s debate on the issue of the election reform, has explained: “My impressioni s that the critics are divided amongst themselves anyhow. I’ve already seen at least four different opinions from the minority” but “it is quite clear to all that the minority is led by Bersani. And Pierluigi yesterday has opened up to negotiations”.

Over the Italicum Renzi, in any case, has confirmed that he feels quite at “ease” because “ the votes will comes in any case,” also because “a part of Forza Italia will not pull out”, and on vote of confidence “i san issue which will be taken up again end April. It seems to me more a questiono f procedure than a political one. Let’s see.”. And beside, Renzi ha salso spoken about the Democratic party dissidents: “We shan’t take any measures. Naturally, should the law then not meet approval, then it’will be a different question altogether. As of yet, I don’t see any risks at all.

Translation provided by Marina Stronati

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