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Matteo Renzi is in Washington for an official visit that will culminate in a summit meeting with Barack Obama. The Italian Premier, is staying at Blair House, the guest quarters in Pennsylvania Avenue, as American etichette would want for Class A guests, though not really for the top of the top. One of the items of the agenda is a joint conference meeting with the U.S. resident and following a lunch probably to be held in the Rose Garden. The Prime Minister aim with the most powerful man in the world is to attempt to boost his image seeing the slight decline in the surveys. Apart from political issues to be discussed with Obama, several International issues are to be tackled too relating to bilateral Italy-Usa relations as well as those affecting relations with Europe and Russia. The meeting also serves for Renzi to see in what direction the wind’s blowing especially in the forthcoming elections 2016.

The axis with the American Democrats is important for the head of government and, this very night, a summit with the emissaries of Hillary Clinton will be held, who a few days ago announced her candidacy in the primaries. With regard to relations with the United States, a thorny issue on the agenda which will need to be solved is the confiscation on the part of the ‘Tar’ (High Court of Appeal) the Muos (Mobileuser objective system), satellite transmission station that manages theatres of war. There are three in the world: Hawaii, Virginia and in Australia, and are all operational. The Sicilian one is important for its strategic position covering the Middle East sector. The environmental committees of Niscemi have filed an appeal to the government, after losing their appeal to the Tar, and have risorte to lawyers. The State Council has postponed the hearing to July. Another problem to tackle are the restrictions placed on offshore petroleum research that penalise companies (but also scientific institutions) Italians and foreigners alike. Obama and Renzi may also discuss Fca and Finmeccanica. Negotiations are under way with Fiat Chrysler and General Motors for a possible alliance that could translate into a sale off of the deal to the America giant (Ferrari excluded).

With regard to major Italian technology industry, the government wishes to get rid of the US holding’ Drs Technologies’, Pentagon supplier, bought at a high price during the era of Guarguaglini, in the illusion of having paved the way for American military orders. An illusion soon to be shattered by Obama with the cancellation of the purchase of the helicopters of the Navy (including the presidential one) and other contracts. The items on the agenda will also include as top priority issues, multi-lateral places like Libya and Russia. Italy would prefer easing off embargoes to Moscow, and intends to play a direct role in the Libyan match. In both scenarios, Italian economic interests are strong, but America’s point of view is very different on Russia, and pragmatic with regard to Libya, where Obama-following the disastrous experience of the Arab-Spring continues to resort to the United Nations, in negotiations that never materialise.

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