USA RAN OUT OF PENTHOTAL, DEATH PENALTY JUST IN TEXAS AND MISSOURI Yesterday in Missouri, the third execution of the year, other countries use alternative methods as firing squads and electric chairs

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32 out of 50 states in the USA still have death penalty. Nevertheless, executions were interrupted because of lack of Penthonal – one of the ingredient to make the perfect fatal injection. Only Texas and Missouri had a great deal of it in store and are continuing death penalties: Andrea Cole, 52, was the third men to be executed this year, he killed a man 16 years ago. The Supreme Court rejected the points of the defense to save his life; they also rejected the affirmation of mental issues. He was condemned for the murder of her ex-wife’s friend, Anthony Curtis, because of some debts Cole had with her ex-wife. In February, Walter Timothy Storey was killed; he was condemned in 1999 for the death of a woman who died in 1990. Then there is Manuel Garza, 34, who killed a police officer who was trying to arrest him in 2001, when he was 20. Last year, there were ten executions in Missouri.

Anyways, death penalty has been decreasing since 2011; 2013 was the year with less death condemnation, but this did not happen out if ethic reasons. EU made some restrictive measure on the exportation of medicine for death penalty. For months, Pethotal did not arrive in the States. In 2014, they tried a different kind of medicine, but the condemned suffered a lot before they found peace. In the States, there was only one company producing Pentothal, they interrupted their production after global campaign against death penalty.

Some states introduced different measures, so that they did not have to renounce to death penalty. In Utah there are firing squads, whereas Tennessee, Oklahoma, Florida, Alabama, Ohio e Georgia suspended it and chose the electric chair, and they are waiting for the decision the High Court on the constitutionality.

Translation provided by Mary Ann D’Costa

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