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To use a sports metaphor, we could say that Silvio Berlusconi, after completing his condemnation pronounced by the Court of Milan which disqualified him from holding public office, he took a base but has not been able to score off the field . As in baseball, to be able to win you need to take over all the positions. And here we are on the first innings. Technically, the former Cavaliere, as prescribed by the law Severino, he cannot candidate himself until November 2019. In legal circles, however, they do point out that he can always play the card of”rehabilitation”, as prescribed in the same rule, if granted, will enable him to anticipate his come back on the political arena a year earlier. What remains then how to define the appeal to the European Court of Justice for the annulment of the ruling passed on Mediaset. Of course,it is an independent variable, but the captain is often able to surprise.

Once having traced the perimeter within which he can move, what remains to be seen is the real leader’s strategy of Forza Italia. Is this a come back after the regionals or just a sitting on the bench waiting for better times to come? According to signals of these hours, and wishing to do what the navigators used to do yester year who followed the stars to plot the route, the feeling is that Berlusconi is pawing the ground to take over the lead of the party. The first figure is the “launch “ onto the political market of Silvia Sardone, put there on purpose by the Lord of Arcore to get on everybodyìs nerves. Promotion was uccessful and results widely obtained. Moreover, Berlusconi has always used this tactic on and off, depending on the demands of, the various voices in the choir of the azurri’ –political colleagues of Forza Italia. Daniela Santanchè, when there is need to strike out, Carfagna if there is need to butter up and impulsive Renato Brunetta if there is need to attack. The rest of the team is ready in the backline, depending on their needs. But after the ruling of the Court of Milan, there is yet another aspect that brings us back to the old Berlusconi to take us to the new. . As in the old days, that task was delivered with zeal by Paolo Bonaiuti, the former cavaliere has denied (without really actually disproving) the delicious background of the newspaper La Stampa that tells us what rthe former leader of the government and founder of “Fratelli d’Italia” Giorgia Meloni, whom not only he does not like, but whom he has never trusted.

Besides any details, which, to put it in Toto’s words, is just plain and simple trifel and nonsense, what really matters is the return of the old. A sign that something has changed. And so has the music played by the same old blue trumpet changed. “Even today #Berlusconi in Cesano Boscone is an example of absolute seriousness. After extinction of the sentence, now correct the law Severino “, Senator Maurizio Gasparri writes on Twitter. And it is of no coincidence. A ‘touch up’ of the said law would not only interest Berlusconi but also tickle the government leader, MatteoRenzi, who could solve the problems related to the region. In short, around the Severino law, Renzi and Berlusconi could dance another Nazarene Waltz. Scaled-down and limited in scope, but with great effect. Not surprisingly, Berlusconi has finally returned to the capital to make an assessment of the situation amongst his faithful team-mates, some of the items on the agenda, a summit meeting with Forza Italia party co-ordinators to untie the the knot of alliances and complete the puzzle of the electoral list.

Berlusconi thus to lead again? According to the particulars that make up the puzzle that have so far been put together, it would seem so. But there are also those who argue that they are just putting on a show . The reason: on backstage, there is Denis Verdini, with whom Silvio will still have to find a point of mediation. And the former plenipotentiary ‘azzurro’, who in Tuscany has his electoral stronghold, is not one that easily gives in. In the Centre, there is still Renzi without a candidate for the regionals. And the former ‘Director’ of the Nazarene Pact, doesn’t want to lose control over his party and its political choices. Of course, another fracture would prove disastrous for the Cavaliere. Also because Verdini can always count on an opposing branch of 17 pro-Nazarene members. Ready to disobey the Cavaliere and his line of opposition to the reforms, when switching over to the to the Italicum at Montecitorio. In other words, the former premier would be better off in the absence of any further will be essential to avoid further conflict within the party which he no longer has under his control. In short, not just a base is needed to win a game, but what you need is the entire team.

Translation provided by Marina Stronati

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