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pianeta delle armi

There is not end to the buying and selling of arms on all the planet, even though total sales suffered a decline in 2014 in this market of 0,4% (totaling 1.776 billion Dollars or rather 2,3% on global GDP), the third in as many years. Too soon to say that the trend of the major world powers has effectively been reversed. The reason also being while the purchase of arms in Europe has significantly dropped, in countries such as Russia, China ad Saudi-Arabia, military spending has immeasurably increased, probably due to the conflicts, tensions and regimes that characterise those geographical areas. Data around this big business which feeds on bloodshed, has been supplied by a report from “Stockholm International Peace Research Institute” (Sipri) which analyses militay budgets of all the nations across the earth.

The Usa at 610 billion dollars are by far the major purchasers of arms in absolute terms but have reduced spending by 6,5%. China, instead, ranks second place, and spent 216 billion Dollars, with an increase of 9,7% (a figure that is estimated will grow in 2015, according to statistics supplied from Beijing, it will be fruther increased by 10,3%).

The thirs place, but quite far behind despite the threats of his governmet and belligerent talk, is Vladimir Putin, Russia with 84,5 billion Dollars (+8,1%). But in 2015 defence spending will further grow by 15% (totaling 150,5 billion Dollars). On the opposite side, investiments have increased by 23%, for a n estimate of 4 billion Dollars, investments in arms by the Ukraine government while in 2015 these figures are estimated to double. All, poits out Sipri, is a result of the commitment of the troups of Kiev, who from aprile 2014, in an attack against the separatist forces of the eastern regions and philo-russians of Donetsk and Lugansk, supported by Moscow.

The Ukraine crisis ha salso increased military investments in former countries belonging to the Pact of Warsaw: 93,9 billion (+8,4%). Bu the absolute record for arms goes to Saudi Arabia: +17% for a total of 80,8 billion Dollars, less than 4 billion of the budget spending of the Russian military super-power. Ryiad has spent to strengthen its military apparatus in order to face up to what Ryiad, the cradle of wahabism (the severest interpretation of Sunnite Islam), believe to be the deathly threat represented by Shiite Iran. The Saudis lead the Sunnite petrol-monarchs in the Persian Gulf against Teheran. This has been proved on March 26th last which gave the green light on the attack –for the momet only air-attacks- agaist the Shiite Houthi rebels (supported by Teheran according to Washington and Ryiad) putting itself in the lead of the coalition of 10 countries in fact the Suni.. In Africa, military spending too has increased by almost 6%. Leading the classification is Algeria and Angola.

And Italy? It has registered a further drop compared to 2013 and 2015. In total Rome has cut down by 8,8% of the military spending (around 30 billion Euros) going down from 11th to 12th position in the ranking amongst 15 countries which spend more on arms. Sipri has estimated that in 2015, there will be a further cut by 4,9% which will lead Italy to spend 1,1% of NDP on the armed forces.

Translation provided by Marina Stronati

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