Between Poverty and Compassion

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donaldo-150x150The Catholic Church in its bimilleneum authority, still can influence governments encouraging them to emanate laws that are more fair and away from conflicts. The role of those who are involved is extremely significant as it is the only reality that is widespread throughout the world and pragmatically operates in favour of mankind. A gateway between Cuba and Usa was opened in fact by the Pope (through two letters written and his personal commitment) who, is exhorting everyone today to do the same, following the success that the dialogue and tolerance has just enjoyed; a power that goes beyond the rustiness of mankind’s history which impende the efforts of man towards a widespread peace

The Cold War, after half a centyr, has ended with a shake of the hands between Obama and Castro. USA’s number one enemy has apologised to the American president , acknowledging him to be different from his predecessors. Turning over to a new page, has been magical word that gave impetus to a new history. USA have thus decided to position itself as a country that chooses to use its power rather in building peace than showing its muscles.

And so, while this reconciliation was underway between the two countries, in another corner of the world, the Head of Christianity was busy explaining ‘urbi et orbi’ a spiritual programme of the new Jubilee, announcing the inauguration of the Holy Doors, Pope Francis, simbolically, asked that the doors be opened to all the churches spread throughout the world. Across these messages, the world is positively surprised in the capacity to change, and thus bring hope to the young. The extraordinary Jubilee hold a particular seye towards the poor and suffering, it is a strong outcry against the corrupt and criminals, it is an invitation to convert. Compassion, is nota n abstract idea and thus Pope Bergoglio wants to indicate it as the unique way to build peace between all peoples. The Pontiff, has already taken up to move in this direction, He has already begun opening the doors of dailogue to all the world before opening them wide in St.Peter’s. And mankind is in dire need of these changes.

While Pope Francis acts as the Head of the Church, in other words He is lpaving the way to unite distant and hostile standpoints, Intra Eccleasiae divisions and contradictions seem to reign in environments where one would expert at least some sort of aperture and dialogue and willingness to liste and receive. Many pharisees continue demanding from others what they themselves donot practise or give fitness to. At times, Christian charity, is demonstrated to us even beyond Church circles rather than within. How many layl movement and religious congregations create problems to the Church provoking shameful scandals.

How many divisions harm the mystical body of Christ above all from those who should govern with wisdom, rule the roost and humiliate their ‘neighbor’. Pastors, who rather than creating the foundations to encouraging the Church in its unique mission of bringing peace throughout the world, result in being power-hungry and sick of narcisim, who are fantastic in preparing marvellous sermons for others but who are nevertheless totally incapable of self-criticism. How many weeds amongst the healthy wheat, and yet we know that Christ will ever ask u sto get rid of anyone, not even the mose dreadful sinner. There is a mysterious design which is thus invisble to the eye, which deems respect: the holy history of the Church will anyhow pursue, despite the persecutions of the Christians and betrayals of the new Judah.

Translation provided by Marina Stronati

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