TWITTER DECLARES WAR ON THE CALIPHATE: 10 THOUSAND ACCOUNTS BLOCKED It is the vastest anti-Isis operation ever to take place by social-network. According to some experts, approximately 90 thousand profiles are still open

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Ten thousand accounts on Twitter have been blocked because linked to Islamic extremists. It is the vastest anti-Isis operation ever to take place carried out by social network, which comes following numerous complaints made by countries to the Californian platform that has permitted the Islamic fundamentalists to spread their threats and horrors of terrorism. According to some, the accouts of the Islamic State amount to 90 thousand amongst supporters and affiliates, previously 2000 had been sospende and now with the recent decision on 2nd April, a real and proper anti-Isis operation is underway.

The initiative, those responsible explain has come following an extensive documentation on the post and on the pages of the Caliphate gathered thanks to the help of internet-users. Noone can tell though what the consequences may be, even though these profiles be blocked, the possibility of creating new ones just by adding a simple letter or number. Amongst those that are known, there is @turjuman123 blacked out 122 times and who punctually reappeared online.

For the Caliphate the internet, but above all social network, is considered to be a “war-machine” with great potential: in just one day, about 40 thousand Tweet messages were posted by supporters of the Islamic State who amplify each single message of the leader transforming the net into a sophisticated means of propaganda capable of reaching out to supporters worldwide. By a click, it is possible to organise an army-apparently invisible- but capable of going into action anywhere and in any moment.

The media strategy of the Isis has three principle objectives: recruiting new combats, spreading their own ideology in order to win over new supporters and getting financial support. The ability of the Caliphate’s men to use new technologies by far outstrips other terrorist groups and this is one of the reasons which has permitted the rapid expansion of the army of al Baghdadi, to the extet that it has pusher the leader of al Qaeda to dissolve thegroup founded by Bin Laden, and to join in with the predominant Islamic state.

Hasan Bin-Salim, an expert in Jihadist communication has explained that the presence of Isis on social network targets three categories of internet-users. The first are supporters and sympathisers of the organisation and the purpose is that of finding support through their messages. The second category, the Tweets are directed to world public opinion in order to spread their terror. The last, is formed by opponents, including institutions with the aim of destabilising security.

Translation provided by Marina Stronati

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