NEW SOCIAL ENIGMA: IS THE CAT GOING UP OR DOWN? Another photo creates division in opinions of internet users

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The World Wide Web is divided again about a photo that is driving everyone crazy. After the dress, which people saw white and gold or black and blue, a photo of a cat is getting famous.

The photo was first uploaded on Facebook by 9GAG and it immediately became viral. The image shows a cat going up (or down?) the stairs, and it is not possible to understand which direction the cat is going.

A survey was launched and the most confirmed option is that the cat is going down the stairs. Those supporting this thesis say that the kitty has his tail up, which means it needs to keep its balance, and they say that the baseboard is outward and clarifies perspective. Others think that a photo is static; therefore, the cat is still.

It is obviously an optic illusion connected to the position of the steps. Hence, just like it happened for the dress, perception changes making it impossible to avoid endless debates. Shortly, a new dilemma divided the opinions of social network users, up to now; there is no certain solution, just tons of theories.

Translation provided by Mary Ann D’Costa

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