SPECIAL WATER TO TREAT EBOLA, THE LAST FOLLY OF A WITCHDOCTOR The liquid was patented by himself, and also is supposed to cure cancer and Hiv

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Ebola: the fight against this epidermy iso t only in terms of health, but one of the greatest obstacles to overcome, in countries where the epidermy is most severe, is to convince the sick and those at risk that the doctors can help you much more than the witchdoctor and strange rituals and prayers: it is therefore not only viruses, but also ignorance that promotes the spread of the disease, as has been evidenced by a few episodes in which they treated the sick, who were then robbed of their infected blankets and beds finally to be released.

Another sensational but still controversial case relates to the generous act of the Nigerian witchdoctor Tb Joshua. The man has sent 4,000 bottles of a special holy water as cure for Ebola to Sierra Leone. The witchdoctor’s water, patented by himself, is also supposed to cure Hiv and cancer, for this reason he has become one of the cornerstones of his wealth, which has allowed him to accumulate a fortune of more than $15 million. Despite donations to the witchdoctor be of free-will, many people have criticised him heavily, accusing Joshua to speculate on the people’s fears and to take advantage of the social dramas of his continent, rather than investing in practical measures that would lead to progress. Controversies do little: people following the witchdoctor is undoubtedly very strong and they have full confidence in him, more than they do in medical doctors.

Our century still demonstrates to us every day that religious fanaticism cannot generate positive growth in the population in general, the top of the worst crimes are justified by religion, as we saw in the collapse of the twin towers, or, to stay on the mainland, the killing of albinos in Africa, or better, watching the news, we can observe the carnage of Isis and its destruction of ancient archaeological sites.

Translation provided by Marina Stronati

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