Isis now threatens Europe

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termentini-150x150The Isis is turning into a complex reality. No longer a mishmash of Jihadist fanatics but a real and proper body that is threatening Europe all the more approaching the borders of the west as in the east. The troups of the Caliphate are by now overlooking the shores of the Mediterranean Sea from Libya and from Syria where they are consolidating their positions ahving reached the outskirts of Damascus and having taken over the refugee camp of Yarmouk from where hasty executions are being reported taking place.

By now, we can no longer speak of an isolated menace of a group of Jihadist fanatics who can be rapidly eliminated by bombarding over them. The problem should rather be tackled at a global level because the Caliphate is becoming the political and operative reference of other subversive organisations day by day.

An aggregation of men who share a common element-their hatred towards the west and in particular towards the Catholic world, who are rapidly consolidating their military strength by enlisting supporters all over the world sharing their political point of view, drawing in other organisations having a Jihadist vocation.

The first and most important perhaps is Al Qaeda, whose leader Ayman al-Zawāhirī has officially declared his intentions to dissolve the old structure created by Bin Laden and to want to merge in with the Caliphate in order to revitalise the Jihad terrorist wing against the west.

A strategically importat decision which could threaten International security and whichbesides, could following other subversive groups, like:

– Al-Shabaab ( the “young”, word originating from the Arab language al-Shabāb, Youth), operating in Somalia, the authors of the massacre of students at university of Garissa Kenya on 2nd April where at least 148 people were killed-mainly Christian students;

– Boko Haram (litterally «western education is prohibited»), Jihadist terrorist organisation widespread in the north of Nigeria.

– Al Qaeda in Magreb (AQIM), a Salafist Group for preaching and combat, founded in the 90s, during the Algerian civil war and whose objective i sto set up in Algeria the Islamic State, already 20 years ago. The terrorist group has had a key role in the civil war in Mali.

The situation is becoming all the more complex, hence, and the latent threat against Europe is on the rise, which due to its goegraphical position is near to geostrategic positions policed by the Isis and its possble allies.

A risk which is lurking round the corner globally and which recalls extreme principles where the rule dominates is that the millenary vestiges of cultures which have preceded us and ‘cleaned’ the world with real and proper genocides since the existace of Christians. In face of these scearios, it i san obbligation to react not only with words, to efendi Christians spread throughout the world and not to permit fundamentalists o continue destroying the remains of the history of the world and to reaffirm the rights gained in the previous centuries. The first, the right toh ave freedom of religion and equal rights between men and women.

Should there also be the need to turn to weapons to obtain just this, we should not hesitate remembering that the Catholic Church recognises that “from personal defence we could have two effects, the first the preservation of one’s life, while the other the killing of he who attacks. Nothing can prevent ther to be two effects, where one is premeditated and the other is unintentional St Thomas d’Aquino, Summa theologiae, II-II,).

The legittimate defence therefore, in addition ot being a right could also be a serious duty for whoever is reponsible for the other person’s life, and defence for the common good of all demands that the aggressor be put in a position where he will do no harm.

Translation provided by Marina Stronati

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