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What better than making a “hit” on total invisibility? This is probably what had crossed the mind of an eager employee at Inps (National Institute for Social Secuirty Scheme) in Tuscany, whose identity has been concealed. A non-decision maker in short, just like those that we used to see in the films of the ’60s, maybe in sleeveless white shirts with black over-sleeves (made popular by the comedies of Sordi and Totò) however, always a shy representation of the modern world and its system ‘gear. Capable though of moving a million Euros in a manner deemed fraudulent by Accounting Judges (case 63/2015) after checks had been carried out by authorities of the same national institute who had picked up the swindle.

Italy: a country of short-cuts, of smart guys, easy money, knows no limits. It leads one to think that the udders of the state always needs to fill the belly of these hunger-stricken people who want to have money the easy way. Just as though the state were an bottomless well, which of course it isn’t; as though it were something of normal, even as far as being legittimate, taking advantage of one’s job position to ‘make money’ out of public funds. A slap in the face to the common good of all, so what…that’s what everyone does. And the problem, in the end, is just this: from top managers to employees, ending up with the ruling class, the example set is always the same-and it’s not constructive at all.

But how is it possible to manage movements of large amounts of money without arousing any suspicion? By crooking the matriculations of companies paying off severance pay, better if it concerned elderly people presumably close to their death-bed, if not who already have left this mortal coil. Some parameter-.setting that has been modified in the main computer brain of the institute, et voilà, les jeu sont fait. As by wonder, money disppeared from the state-coffers mysteriously, the companies money disappeared too and would pass onto the accounts of real existing people (or who no longer were in life) 85,269 Euros, and then 64.254, 46,460, 64.703… One bank transfer after the other,so forth and so on. They or whoever, went as far as precisely calculating to the decimal, because any approximation could have led somone to catch onto the glitch.

On the other hand, what was not approximate, but rather inexistant, were the documents giving proof of those telematic money transfers: no officia request for the exercise of whatever service, neither a file nor invoice. And obviously no contract either with the ‘existing’ companies on behalf of whom the severance pay was being paid off to and no work relationship either. Ghosts who were paying ghosts, even though the money was o fruito f the imagination.

In the end the court opted for the ruling of a compensation of 771.773,22 Euros, plus interests, fruther to any increases on assessment of the law, and payment of legal proceeding fees. Just a small victory of the Justice under one corps –that of Italian red tape – which is still far from being healed of its worse ill: infidelity.

Translation provided by Marina Stronati

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