Inventions are not enough

  • Italiano

It often occurs that we can have a central outlook on planet earth and consequently may think, that only that which takes place in our time and near to us, exists; but when we had to think about it immediately afterwards, we come to be aware that not only does this not happen but it could not be so. Hearsay often has it that we ask where all this is going to take us, only to end up observing with a comment on the phenomena on the evolution of customs, habits, and technological innovations and sciences, not understanding that the world nevertheless goes on as it has always done, without our intervention too, we, who are always endeavouring to understand how. I could immagine the inhabitants of the world once the automobile had been invented, just to make a recent example, who probably were frightened at the thought of its potential (something quite out of reach at the time) concerning the technological invention, so much so that horse-breeders probably had immagined that horses were soon to be extinct! On the contrary, not only did this not take place, for obvious reasons, but the opportunity which presented itself, would have been unthinkable in the past before then.

With no shadow of doubt-even though opposition had come from conservatives and catastrophists against any new invention or discovery –the world not only has gone forward, but the general life conditions have objectively and undeniably improved as well as hygiene and the possibiity of benefitting from natural resources, which today are without measure of doubt, superior than in the past, so on and so forth as in preceding eras. The arts, have left us with recorded memories of times past, permitting us certainly to look back with poetical nostalgia but not with rational regret; the millenary Church has done a great job in this, not only supplying and preserving a good part of the works of art as well as the history of mankind, but also maintaining firm and steadfast the fundamental rules and canons governing mankind: the animal species too have evolved according to scientifically-based proof of Darwin’s theory on adaptation, on the other hand, mankind, has progressed and culturally evolved in the spreading of thought and communication, facing up to the guardian of his spirituality.

We are witnessing today the exponential growth linked to electronics: gps, transmission of documents, immediate spreading of thought throughout the orbit-just a few examples of a radical change in our way of life. And my thought goes to the ‘journey’ of the Church, the inexhaustible effort to bring enlightenment, at times, abreast with the times and others either late or even preceding them. These are a demonstrations of who we really are and where we are heading for, with or without inventions and discoveries, we are reminded of our limits, they represent man’s journey, they support us in it, they preserve us from all evil, they oblige us to stop and think, however, never sufficiently enough. And with time, in a constant and continual effort, we have been given a meaning to the whole of humanity and not only of mankind.

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