Peace denied

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In front of human tragedies that in 98% of cases have been caused by man, we are used to shedding light on each and every detail, without any logic and criterion, exercising a far-fetched and pathological curiosity: we want to know ‘why, how and where…’, as is common to journalists and the selective mentality. Social pathology or irreparable impoverishment of mankind, consequent loss of sentiment, compassion, silence: we randomly consume emotions rather than stopping to ponder,,,,and he who has the time and will do so, appears to be privileged.

Not analysis, but deep thought: we really do need it in order to be able to find relief even as far as in suffering that does not only belong to parents, children and friends of those to whom someone has decided to cut off their life in mass. He, either out of pure folly or with premeditated mental lucidity, so that he be remembered at any cost, came out of his anonomous life rendered insignificant by his depression, he was appointed and sent on the air every five minutes by the media…Only the rests of the bodies were to be found of the others in a rugged mountainous area, the contribution of many unknown men and women who led a meaningful normal life, an everyday life-story that was ‘pure’ and common to all.

Three issues though cannot go unheeded: 1) the hunt through the belongings left to search for evidence of the last minutes of life of the 149 passengers… But who has turned their thoughts on or induced their thoughts on the atrocities of those deaths, deprived of any peace which should accompany and pertain to the end of any human life, because death is the last definite ‘personal’ act of the human being?

Screams, despair and impossible acceptance of what was happening while the unimaginable was slowly taking shape under their eyes, they could sense the weight of their bodies and the rapid heart-beats.. Not even time for a heart-attack or stroke…Perhaps only enough time to embrace each other and turn to God.
Those deaths, like many others are claiming peace, as in every corner of the earth… But man does not love peace, he is restless, he doesn’t bring peace he does not believe in it and does not perceive it as being indispensabile except when in a crucial moment, after having lost it and destroyed it when his time has come.

2) Should one not cancel the culprit and give voice to the victims? Life of youths, teachers, of people ‘without a name‘ all gathered under the gruesome decision of an unscupulous youth on the hunt for dishonour, infamy intended as posthumous fame, that remain in total silence used perhaps in successive times, to let the ‘news’ last longer while ‘celebrations’ continue in accordante to his wishes – the guilty, the sick, almost as though giving an explanation to his decision, the bitter fruit of his illness… in a simplistic and dangerous manner. It seems that he had decided under no panic crisis, he could have gone on sick-leave; he could have chosen to commit suicide in another way or, better, have somone help him. Whoever stains himself with crimes, he should be referred to as ‘X’ and ‘buried’ in terms of recognition and common memory, tagged and cordoned off under a list of abjects to humanity on which to invoke only pity. Either direct or indirect justifications spoil our youth, our children, they nurture social pathologies: continuous reiterations of crimes and emulations of criminals demonstrate the ‘excessive power’ of a type of distorted communication and its insipient grip on current life today.

3) In the face of so much suffering some Italian media have dared make comparisons and poor claims, forgetting the Italic practice of speculating on intentions, the responsabilities distirbuted in the manner of a football match, the faults attributed to all… While we authorise undaunted, ‘zero responsability’,both individual and of the community. Quite a bad taste in fashion, lacking in any minimal human values and ethical ones, and then the dangerous emulation from one channel to another, from one title to that of the competitor: is it possible that noone has picked up the banality and mediocrità of so much inconclusive pseudo-information possibile, repetative and redundant? As the purpose of information, ready to ‘dip’ a morsel on the plate like Judas Iscariot at the moment of the Truth, who then betrayed himself and mankind… And ended up committing suicide, unfortunately, not only metaphorically?
Instead, those strong words riverberate in the soul: ‘I leave you with my peace, may you receive my peace, the peace that the world is not able to grant, Peace be to You… ‘ . Christ, pronounced them after His Resurrection, going in amidst His own who were weighed down by the experience of pain, loss…We perceive the ‘passion’ these days , when He took on the inconceivable weight of the evil in the world, of any evil , of any era, not refusing to ‘pass through’ cross through circumstances and effects, every wound, killing death and brutality, He returns to heal, save and resurrect taking each and every man back to God.

Translation provided by Marina Stronati

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