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There are moments in life that reveal to us our weaknesses: depression, incomprenhension, rejection and faillure. Happiness seems inacessible to us, even simply peace. However, deep down within our soul, a flame lies latent, it gathers everything we have learnt so far on hope and it does not permit us to despair forever.
It nurtures our desires and longings, it gives us the strength to persevere. In this way all these moments of crisis can be the occasion to look deep within ourselves – and at reality– in a different way: not as a tragedy, but as the unique possibility to grow.

In our most intimate authenticity, we know how to be astonished, we respect and are fascinated by the mystery overhanging us. These experiences donot frighten us, nor do they crush us. On the contrary, they promise us a certainity: to save the very essence of life. The bigger problem is how not to despair in moments of betrayal, disappointment, ruthlessness and wrong? We would need a golden thread to sew together moments of greater beauty in our life than the most terrible ones, giving the latter, a sense of meaning which they lack. A slap in the face ot those who think they can be self-sufficient.
This thread is called prayer. Ever since the beginning of our lives it remains delicately interwoven in the fabric of our existance. Reinforced and cultivated under a light of faith which shines and links the various and at times ragged pieces of our lives. Even if it were to be neglected, it could never disappear: prayer is the space of any of our actions. Resting always so discreet and humble, it never reveals itself , but often anonomously fulfils its duty.

If we were to lose the sense in the world, how could it ever get what we are doing? And that of the world is so complicated – not to say the least crazy – which is none other than mystery, marvel. One would need a little sensitivity to be able to discover how little it take to go further: right there, where everything is explained with faith.

Prayer is a companion along this path, it is a humble maid, shy and delicate and yet marvellously and providentially placed in our hearts. How? By whom? Let us awaken it , let us find it in the depths of our soul and for certain we will be given an explanation of everything, r rather it will conduct us there where we learn about things before we would ever immagine them to be. This would be the true journey of Easter, the best school of prayer, exceptionally accessibile in these days, in reach of our hands: the thread of sense, woven by our liturgical memory and the story of Jesus of Nazareth which is always in pace with the times.

Translation provided by Marina Stronati

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