The controlled and controllors

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bonanni_raffaele-150x150Let’s start froma basic assumption: the Italian health system is one of the most important and reliable in the world; it costs the tax-payer a lot, other states doot spend as much as we do. So why doesn’t it work? The reason being that that controller and controllors should all be regulated by systems that have major transparency, systems of inspection and that function. Often there is agreement, we could even say connivance between the ‘overseer’ (politician) the manager (entrepreneur) and contractor (health facility). If it wasn’t corrupt, the health service would be more efficient and would work well.

The problem therefore has nothing to do with the rules but with whom should be safeguarding them. There is a looting of public resources by those who should be managing them; and no counter-action seems to have any effect. A rather dramatic situation because it is going on under everyone’s nose-with the ruling class who i salso well aware of what is going on.

I would not make it an issue of anthropoligical morality, Swedish or Italian, are both the same. The north European, placed in different contexts, would do exactly what they are doing here; and this has been bluntly proved by the attitude held by tourists when they permit themselves to leave rubbish or bottles near our monuments…Why it it that their discipline somehow seems to vanish in those cases?

Therefore the real responsability lies with those who are called to oversee the sector, a very delicate and important sector because it involves the health of all, because it is the one-together with the school- where the most money is invested in. There must be a reason then, if after so much discussion, they did not know how to-or did not want to-completely define the issue relating to standard costs… Let’s be clear: we may hear repercussions on this matter relating to the suppression of political-party funding. What was actually taken away in the name of transparency and spending review may now return under a haze in order to obtain funds from blindfolded entrepreneurs favoured for their assets. And anyway, in the end, even in the health care sector, the citizen always is the one to pay. But are we really sure we still feel like being…. patients?!

Translation provided by Marina Stronati

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