‘Artfully’ made Terrorism

    terrorismo ad arte

    Isis does not belie its barbaric character. These Islamists with a Nazi spirit, after manifestations of the awesome executions on live T.V., they are now spreading videos showing the destruction of statues and Assyrian reliefs held in the Mosul Museum. ofstatues and reliefs of Assyrian era held in Mosul Museum. At the same time justifying these barbaric acts in accordanc to the Qu’ran, recalling the gesture of Muhammed who destroyed the idols worhipped by the Arab tribes during the pre-Islamic era.

    A slap in the face to civilization, history, human roots. The Caliphate had earlier destroyed the walls of Mount Nemrud, the gigantic door of Nergal with winged lions. The black militia have burned down thousands of rare manuscripts, many of Islamic culture, found in the library of Mosul. Devastions that sound like a cowardice in defense of that ideology which is too fragile to resist history. Before them, it was the Talibans who destroyed the Buddhas of Bayman in Afghanistan, then the Shabab in Somalia who demolished the tombs of the “righteous” Muslims. Three years ago in Timbuktu, the Jihadists of the Ansar Dine pulled down the mosques built by the ancient kings of Mali. The rare books of the famous library of Timbuktu were largely saved by the population that hid them in their homes.

    The money-god proves even stronger than Allah: many of the carvings of ancient Nineveh were torn from the walls with saws and ended up on the illegal market of artworks together with small statues, coins and sold thanks to complacent smugglers in Turkey. In orderto increase their revenue, the “black beast” of the Caliphate, paved the pillared street of Palmyra to retrieve the capitals so that they could be sold easily. This “blasphemous” art has been exploited by the Caliphate with the purpose of financing his wars and horrors.

    Implicated are even the illegal European art dealers, always willing to do business with blood-stained items and fruit of other people’s tragedies. But it’s not over. And the whole world should mobilise in an effort to defend the world’s cultural heritage. In fact, Isis is poointing to the Sphinx, and the pyramids, the portraits of Isides and the wonderful hieroglyphics depicting scenes of daily life in ancient Egypt. The Group Ansar Bayt alMaqdis, affiliated to Isis in Egypt, the executioners who are killing Coptic Christians, is preparing itself to follow in the steps of the militias of the Caliphate in the destruction of works of art.

    Clear risk lies in Libya with the Roman archaeological heritage, from Cyrene to Sabrata in Leptis Magna, which has been preserved in recent years under the care of many Italian archaeological missions with the help of locals, even after the fall of Gaddafi; and now risks being dismantled and sold on the illegal market. And it goes without saying that the ultimate goal of conquering Rome is to take down the many works of art our country. Not surprisingly in a latest video threat to Rome, one can see the Colosseum
    Being burned down with the black Isis flag flying over it.

    The abomination of destroying works of art and books, has nothing to do with religion and the defense of monotheism. The salaf, princes that succeeded Muhammad and the Caliphs in the year 1000, lacked these iconoclastic excesses. One needs just go to the Topkapi Museum, where among other painted figures, there are many representing Muhammad himself together with Jesus. In all these centuries, noone has ever censured or worse devasted them these works of art.

    We need to be on the guard and be ready to react. The destruction of these ancient testimonies would be like turning off our memories. A cultural induced Alzheimer provoked by hammer blows and explosives.

    Translation provided by Marina Stronati

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