Isis, 6 reasons to conquer Rome


In the enemy’s eyes, amidst the abrupt awakening by the idle talk of politicians, comes the deep hostile voice uttering the word ‘Rome’, followed by a series of threats. The Isis footage, spread on the web, immediately went viral, and has excellently been directed, as usual: it is full of symbols and emphasized by a photograph worthy of an Oscar award. Thus Italy has discovered to be in danger. Charlitan politicians, who prefer to point their finger at migrants and opponents, but the reality is yet another. The Caliphate has clear in his mind his objectives and his enemies. And not since yesterday.

1) the seat of Peter is in Rome and Italy represents the ancient symbol of Christianity, that in the name of God, led the war against the Muslim Arabs in the Holy land around the year 1000. And to the nostalgic Islam extremists, the wound has not healed, even though that of the Crusaders, it was an adventure that saw the Arab princes the winners. The ‘sisì’, in an attempt to take the upper hand in the Sunnite Muslim world, brushed up the war of religion and exploited the term “crusade” for the sole purpose of making inroads on the minds of many young people, who were uneducated and resentful towards their rulers, first and foremost, and against a generalised west. Hence, the conquest of Rome, appears once again in the fundamentalist ideology, as it had done many centuries before during the expansion of Islam, Constantinople was the prime target of the conquerors, heirs of Muhammad; not because Byzantium, was the seat of the Christian emperors, but precisely because it was the capital of the Byzantine Empire. Today the menacing words: “we are approaching on Rome,” are in complete contrast to the Isis documents that, among many, have outlined maps of the world, where the black flag, apart from the Middle East and North Africa, flies over the Balkans and Spain, ancient Andalus, but not over Italy. This, is where all the strength of the propaganda lies: putting Rome and St. Peter under target, causes bewilderment and instills fear in the enemy, at the same time it represents a high symbolic value in the eyes of the follone, and is a great spot for recruiting those, who see Isis engaged in an effective state project as opposed to the utopia of Al Qaeda. A viewpoint that of Isis, which is mainly ideological and, slyly enough, has nothing to do with religion. In fact, according to the Qur’an, Christians and Muslims are both descended from Abraham and sons of Dhimma; as a minority, Christians should be protected and not anihilated. Further to that,, Jesus is considered to be a minor Prophet and Mary is worshipped as the Virgin mother who gave birth to Him. In Afghanistan, a superb minaret at Jam, among the highest in the world, 65 meters, is marked with verses of the Koran that pay homage to Mary. All this, however, would not exclude an attack that is capable of unleashing repercussions in the media useful for propaganda purposes.

2) Second, Italy is under target, because ever since 2001, it has been part of the coalition that has “invaded” Afghanistan, contributing to the destruction of the Islamic Emirate of the Taliban, who for six years, had set the example of a nation based on the principles of Sharia. A country, which many had fought for and where Osama bin Laden, leader of Al Qaeda, was living and who represented the highest expression of a globalisation of Islamist Jihads and revanchism. As though this were not enough, the Italians went into Iraq in 2003, in support of Bush’s war and the United States. According to the Islamists of Isis, that war was not against Saddam but against the Sunna, i.e. the Sunnite community with the purpose of promoting power in the hands of the Shiites and Christians in that country and take over oil resources. Under the black flag, many generals of Saddam Hussein
escaped capture.

3) Another reason to wage war, is more specifically related to the current conflict in Iraq, and Syria and the support given to the Italian Kurdish peshmerga with weapons and instructors side by side with the “Alliance of the willing” considered by a group of infidels jihadists who allied with traitors apostates who rule the Arab countries. Those countries, that the Caliphate wants to conquer in order to take over the Middle East and North Africa.

4) It cannot be denied, that the spreading in our country of racist and xenophobic ideologies yelled out in every corner, from the official media to social networks, adds much fuel to the fire. Global communication is used to unleash a counter-offensive of the media of the Caliphate, that takes certain statements as a pretext to be considered as true declarations of war, and uses them playing on the fears of foreigners living in Italy and turning them into would be ‘combats’.

5) Italy is still regarded as a colonial power. Especially from those groups in Libya who have chosen to embrace the flag of Isis. Relationships and alliances with the governments of Arab dictators, before and after the “Arab Spring” are considered as one of the many reasons for waging a war. The Isis  membership of some Libyan militia, increases the danger and then danger. Certainly not out of the risk o fan armed invasion, although it has been boasted by the jihadists in their proclamations. The risk stems primarily from the fact that Libya is one of the largest suppliers of hydrocarbons of Italy, the blocking of “pipeline supply” would put Italy on its knees. The occupation of Libya, by Isis-inspired-militia would put an end to trade relations: Italy opened shipyards for four billion dollars that have been on standby due to the civil war. Should the black flag take over, we may as well wave goodbye to all those orders. Allowing the men of Caliph to patrol the Libyan coastline, would mean handing over to them another weapon: the exodus of migrants towards the Sicilian coast, would bring to the collapse the whole of Italy’s reception system, nonetheless bearing serious consequences under a social and economic profile.

6) the fact that migrants are able to arrive in masses on our shores Is quite disturbing: If boats carrying the ‘Desperadoes’ manage to find their way into our country, it is nonetheless a concern to think that in organised trips, terrorists too, may be carried over the few humdred nautical miles that separate Italy from the African coastline.

However, let us be on the lookout, as Isis skillfully exploits propaganda and social networks to strike us from behind the lines in our own territory. They simply enter our homes instilling awe and fear without wasting a bullet. Fear and anxiety are in themselves a victory for the Caliphate.  From a military standpoint,
any European nation could wipe out the militants in seven days. And then, the Caliphate uses his best weapon: terror. One only jihadist may hit our free and vulnerable society at the same time. Without perpetrating a massacre, it would take just one “man in black” to randomly hit one of our cities which would trigger off panic. The strength of morality and culture lies in our firmness and not to give way to the stereotypes that the Isis, and even some of our own xenophobic people  want to spread to unleash a conflict between civilizations. At the forefront of our strategy, must be the overcoming of ignorance, without forgetting the importance of security policies based, not on hysteria and demagogy, but on intelligence and a control over the territory, even beyond our borders, to block and curb cutthroats who have also betrayed Allah.

Translation provided by Marina Stronati


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