The new slaves


admin-ajaxThe phenomenon of trafficking actually is a world-wide phenomenon. Globalisation, which should be that of solidarity, in reality is that of indifference, of exploitation, of prevarication. There is need to arouse consciences, and in this, the Pope has a vital role to play, arriving from a distant country such as Latin America where there is high exploitation of all sorts, from slavery for sexual purposes to that for work, trafficking of human beings for the trade of organs; the Pontiff, having lived amongst the poverty-stricken is familiar with this phenomenon. He also asked the Church to join against this struggle, where there are already many consecrated persons, but also lay people, who are laying down their lives for the sake of the ‘new slaves.’

There is definitely a lot of indifference on these issues, that as Mother Teresa of Calcutta used to put it, is the great evil of our century. This however, is also due to ignorance amongst many believers too, unfortunately the world of racket is well experienced in doing its own interests. This indifference must be tackled right from the bottom, all men and women of goodwill must unite and do their utmost in not making this phenomenon become simple trivia but rather address it, especially in sharing the suffering of those who are in bondage.

Don Benzi was a prophet, because what the Holy Father says today, he had already said more than 20 years ago. Not only was he living on the streets dedicating his life to helping those women exploited by prostitution, but at a conference, he clearly spoke of organ trafficking on minors who would be purchased for that awful purpose; at the time, he was denounced as being a visionary, that certain things ony existed in his imagination. On the contrary, he was proved to be right. He was an apostle of justice, of sharing out ; defending the dignity of these people, in particular women and children.

Translation provided by Marina Stronati

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